Space boots vol 2! Need I say more? Compare with our first try. I think these turned out p. nice. Made with Cajahdus, who will henceforth walk in style.

Edit: As this is getting tons of notes (as in literally a thousand during one day) again, have a link to a tutorial thingy we made.


Finished Foxy and Freddy.
Freddy gets flame throwers on his finger tips. I can only imagine being put into one of these suits would probably consist of dismemberment.

Cyberpunk FNAF.


Its out, the long awaited sequel to the Windows XP Destruction video. Enjoy, This computer didn’t.


はじめてみました。 とりあえず公開する機会がなかった集合画の無加工版をアップ。


Squigly Sketch… Finally got full version of Skullgirls Encore


ive never played skullgirls but man what a killer design